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Paranui (ATP 769P)

Gas reserves (WestSide share)

69 PJ (3P)


WestSide: 25.5%
Mitsui E&P Australia: 24.5%
QGC - A BG Group business: 50%

About the project

The five-well Paranui CSG pilot is located 10km south of Moura and just 5km to the west of the producing Meridian SeamGas CSG fields which WestSide operates.

In this part of the tenement the target Baralaba Coal Measures lie at a depth of between 550 metres and 950 metres and generally contain 21m to 25m of gas-bearing coal in up to 14 seams.

Initial certification of 135 PJ of 3P gas reserves was achieved in June 2009.

The Paranui pilot comprises three appraisal wells (Paranui #5R, #6R and #8), two observer wells (Paranui #4 and Paranui #7) and one core well (Paranui #10).