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1P Proved gas reserves  
2P Proved and probable gas reserves
3P Proved, probable and possible gas reserves
Adsorption The physical process whereby a gas (eg methane) may be held on the surface of a material (eg coal).
ATP  Authority to Prospect
BCF or Bcf Billion cubic feet (10^9 cubic feet) While BCF is a unit of volume and PJ is a unit of energy the calorific value of CSG is such, on the average, that one BCF of gas provides one PJ of energy.
BTU British thermal unit - a unit of heat energy defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.
Calorific Value The energy contained within a certain mass of material, eg  gas.
Coal Measure Refers to the stratification of layers of coal interspersed with strata of other sedimentary materials.
Core or Coring The process of drilling a hole and retaining the material from a target depth for examination and testing – "taking a core".
CSG Coal Seam Gas also called Coal Seam Methane (CSM) or Coal Bed Methane (CBM), refers to the gas (principally methane) which is found in coal seams.
Desorption The process of reversal of Adsorbtion.
Fault A line of fracture and generally displacement of one section of the crust against another.
Gas-in-place or GIP The quantity of gas which is estimated to be contained in a known coal formation of discrete area.
GJ Gigajoule (10^9 joules)
There are 1000 GJ in a Terajoule ( TJ ) and 1000 TJ in a Petajoule ( PJ ).
kPa or kilopascal One kilopascal equals 1000 Pascals (Pa) or 1 kPa = 0.145 lbf/in2
LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas
MCF or Mcf Thousand cubic feet (10^3 cubic feet)
MMCF or MMcf Million cubic feet (10^6 cubic feet)
MMCFD or MMcfd Million cubic feet per day
mPa or megapascal 10^6 Pascals
MW or megawatt A unit of power
MWh Megawatt hour- a metric unit of energy, especially electrical energy.
Permeability Permeability describes the ability of a gas like methane, to pass through or be released from a fractured solid like coal.
Pilot Well A well for gas and water extraction, generally in close proximity to another for the assessment of field potential.
PJ Petajoule (1000 Terajoules).
PL Petroleum Lease. A PL is required to be granted to permit the commercial exploitation of a reserve.
PLA Petroleum Lease Application.
psi Pound per square inch (also known as - lbf/in2) - a traditional unit of pressure.
Punch Hole A small diameter hole which is drilled to confirm the exact depth of an underground structure or seam.
Reserve A resource which has been quantified by a verifiable process and has demonstrated commercial value.
Resource An unquantified body of material of potential value.
Seismic An assessment process whereby the reflected vibrations from a series of shocks or vibrations on the surface are used to infer underground structures.
Tenement The area and location over which an ATP is granted.
TCF or Tcf Trillion cubic feet (1000 cubic feet)
TJ Terajoule (1012 joules)
W or Watt Power which in one second gives rise to energy of one joule.
Well casing Steel lining used to provide the structural basis for a gas well or core hole.